Ruby Programming Course 1 at Tealeaf Academy is Finished!

So yea, I totally stopped updating my blog as I was working through the remainder of week 3 and the final week 4. One of these days, I will backtrack and update the blog with more information from my notes, but today is not the day :)

I have to say, Tealeaf Academy has proved to be an excellent resource for learning Ruby, and I am a lot more confident in my base programming skills. I can look at Ruby code, read the intent and usually figure out how to debug and resolve issues for basic to intermediate level code. I also made a pretty cool web-based Blackjack game (which is impressive considering I’d never played the game before)

As of now, I have not decided to take the second course (yet), which will expose me to Rails. The prime reason I stopped updating my blog, was because I’d been working on a new business venture at the end of the year and creating mobile apps for iOS (putting that iMac to use already!).

I do want to say thanks to Tealeaf for creating such an immersive program for people who are not able to attend traditional classes. The online and self-paced approach, while challenging, is a good medium for working individuals.

By the way, the new business site is MonsterMedia. If you are a horror fan, make sure to bookmark it :)

Until next time.


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